Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Church office update

Last Friday Scott and I met with LatinLink regarding the lease for our offices, the outcome being a verbal agreement to renew the lease for a further 3 years.
Given our vision for Reading the location is superb, as is our relationship with LatinLink. We not only use our leased space but also use their top floor during the week for our language school and on Friday night for Youth Group.

We use our meeting room for mum & toddlers, prayer meetings, training and lunches, as do other churches & organisations. We regularly have people who don't yet know Jesus in our offices - be that a Foster Carers Support Group or the Czech play group.

Our ministry base for the next few years has been agreed, now we need to find a new home for our Sunday mornings!


dave bish said...

It is such a great facility to have.

Sean Green said...

And we intend to fill it when you are with us on Sat 20 June!

dave bish said...

:) Sometime we should have a conversation about some of the detail of that weekend, but big picture I can't wait to be with you guys.