Sunday, 29 March 2009

Arbitrary & meaningless, yet smiling

Yesterday, I finally admitted to God I really wanted to do well in the Reading Half marathon (i.e. to finish as close to 1:35 as possible).

I did feel pretty silly admitting to Him that it had become so important to me, especially as my target time was arbitrary and meaningless. Anyways, I told God I would worship Him whatever the outcome.

The good news is my 'chip' time was 1:34:39. I ran with my buddy Kirk all the way until his speed burst over the last 300m gained him 8 seconds! Amazingly my Achilles held out, as did my heart rate which was over 180bpm for half of the race!

Joshua also did really well in his race - he came in 36th out of 942 who finished the 2.8km course!

So I have a limp, a medal and a smile. God is good and clearly has a sense of humour.

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