Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sticky for Jesus

On Sunday, as part of my sermon on being stewards for Jesus, everyone was given a sticky label on which to write JESUS' and then stick it to their wallet / purse / credit card / cheque book. I received this email from a dear friend today:
'I have just removed a sticker from my wallet which said "Jesus' money" on it. I left it on my wallet after Sunday's preach to remind me of the content of the preach, which was once again a provocative in a good way.

In removing the said sticker, I now have a sticky residue about 3"x1" on the leather of the wallet which has been left due to the poor quality of the sticker ... I have tried rubbing it up and down on the floor to remove the stickiness, but rather than remove the sticky mass, it just sticks fluff to the wallet.

I also have sticky hand now ... and the wallet is currently stuck to the inside of my pocket and is depositing a sticky residue on my trousers (and fluff).

To complete the irony I am now faced with the prospect of having to steward some money in the direction of a new wallet and a cleaning bill.

Good preach apart from that though, Love Craig'.

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