Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Silver Rocket

Saturday rides are back on track: up at 6, meet the lads at 7, ride hard, back home by 8:40. Job done.

The job is done but the enjoyment lingers.

It's fun riding with my friends Kirk & Richard & Craig. We enjoy riding in a group and chasing down any break-aways one of us might attempt. I enjoy the chat about the same stuff each & every week (timings & pain & kit & races).

And I enjoy the Silver Rocket. The bike was unexpectedly given to me after I gave away my 'bike fund'. It makes my whole attitude to the bike the sweeter. Last Saturday I spent time cleaning, lubricating and adjusting my bike, and today it rode like a dream.

The silver rocket is not only fun to ride but it is also a testimony to my God's faithfulness.

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