Saturday, 7 February 2009

Popcorn Breakfast

This morning it was too icy for the rocket bike and Joshua's football was cancelled, so Liz planned a 'Popcorn Breakfast'.

We generally eat breakfast together but today was different. By 8am we were eating popcorn (sadly it was salted and not toffee) and watching WALL.E (which is a great family movie and works really well for thoughtful adults!) Then came the cooked breakfast ... I was so full I even let Zoe have my croissant!

The children are growing up so fast. I suspect the days of getting up early on a Saturday to eat popcorn and watch Disney are numbered. Thankfully they are not over just yet ...

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Gary And Kay said...

The kids may be growing fast, but the Disney watching days are by no means numbered. Trust me, that's based on the experience of dealing with a number of teenagers.