Friday, 13 February 2009

Last night

It all started at 18:15 ...

I prayed with a dear friend who is battling cancer, who 2 hours before had her hair shaved off because of the effects of chemotherapy (she is having her second session as I write).

At 19:00 I spoke at RUCU on James 1v1-18 on how we are to think clearly when under pressure (to endure trials well).

Meanwhile Thameside Church used our main meeting room at the church offices for training their leaders.

Liz led cell group at our house and even though it was our first meeting since multiply, our lounge was nearly full!

At 22:30 I met Dave Henson at the T5 Travel Lodge to catch up (he is returning to St Petersburg today). We also met to figure out how RFC can best support their fledgling church plant in Russia's second biggest city.

I got home at 00:45, tired but thrilled to be in the thick of so much kingdom activity.

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