Thursday, 26 February 2009

Jesus is for life

This morning I looked on as Moses committed murder and then met his wife (Ex 2). I listened to Job as he responded to his friends and pleaded his case (Job 19). I watched as Jesus called his own, healed a leper and then ate with sinners (Luke 5). Finally, I winced as Paul reprimanded Christians about disagreements and avoiding sexual immorality (1Cor6).

I then prayed for people in our church; For those battling cancer and those with new born babies; For those who have jobs at risk and the many who are looking for work; For the few getting married and the few recovering from broken relationships.

And I was reminded that through all this life 'stuff' Jesus both towers over and kneels to embrace. He both sympathises as one knows and encourages as one who has endured.

Jesus is for life, our everyday life and for all of our life. It's good to know Jesus.

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