Sunday, 15 February 2009

Highlights from Sunday

Testimonies of God's healing from last Sunday's meeting.

The blind couple and their two guide dogs!

Nicola Abrams on her debut 'offering and info' slot.

Kat Starling and Kat LaFontaine becoming deacons.

Terrys Chocolate Orange segments for the 'chocolate chat' slot.

8 of the 33 people at the prayer meeting were internationals.

Even more visitors!


Peter Harley said...

No mention about Rachel Taylor then!!

Anonymous said...

Sent from your BlackBerry® wireless device?.........

Sean Green said...

in answer to your questions:
Rachel wasn't really my news (I didn't want to steal Scott & Barbie's thunder!).
And I posted the blog using my blackberry but it automatically appends that tag line - very annoying but now removed!

Steviebwoy_Dub said...

I was only teasing you about the Blackberry Sean!
I know that it gets automatically appended when you use it. It just appealed to my sense of humour to A.)comment on it B.) comment anonymously! :-)

This post has been made using the Toshiba laptop that I am stewarding for Him.... ;-)

Sean Green said...

I always siad that you are a funny man Mr Waldron!

I was slightly worried though!