Monday, 2 February 2009

Fanatics? Maybe

Yesterday morning we baptised Emma and Sam. The air temp outside was -1 and I can only guess how cold the water was (it's not heated).

Before the meeting I was asked by a dear friend if people might think we are a bit fanatical... wouldn't it be better to wait until it is warmer?

I answered, sheepishly, that they both asked to be baptised and that they didn't want to wait around ... they were young & healthy, so on balance, why wouldn't we do it today?

Admittedly, I was quite happy not being one of the baptisers, Chris & Alex did a great job of not looking too cold! But I was even happier that we are helping people to cut across their personal comfort in their pursuit of Jesus.

So hopefully, we are becoming fanatics, but about the right things.