Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Trusting God

I am currently reading 'Trusting God - even when life hurts' by Jerry Bridges. It is one of those books you read slowly and highlight lots. I was tempted to blog my top quotes from the first few chapters but then reached his closing paragraph in chapter 3 ...

"A WORD OF CAUTION - the material in this chapter is "tough stuff". It should be read, studied, and prayed about when life is more or less routine. It should be stored up or hidden in our hearts (Ps 119v11) for the time of adversity when we must draw upon its truth.

Above all, we need to be very sensitive about instructing someone else in the sovereignty of God and encouraging them to trust God when he or she is in the midst of adversity or pain. It is much easier to trust in the sovereignty of God when it is the other person who is hurting. We need to be like Jesus, of whom it was said "a bruised reed he will not break". Let us not be guilty of breaking a bruised reed (broken heart) by insensitive treatment of the sovereignty of God".

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