Tuesday, 6 January 2009

True greatness

Today our youngest daughter started school and I thought that was today's big story for our family. That was until I read a card that a friend gave Liz, her words framed the occasion in a much nobler light:
Dear Liz (a RFC hero) - I wanted to congratulate you on 10ish years of parenting so far; your great devotion to the children through these early formative years and your steadfast commitment to seeing them through the next phases of their lives. Zoe, Lucy and Josh are lovely, WELL DONE! Mums like you are the true heroes of the faith, working it out in the day to day grind and joys of family life. Keep going by the grace of God!! With my love ...
I wish that today I had also celebrated Liz's accomplishment as a mum, but it took a card from a friend to help me see again the value of motherhood and how great Liz is at it.

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FloydTheBarber said...

Lucy's spot on Sean. I always loved spending time around your family.