Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New Sunday venue

A few weeks ago I reminded us of our calling to be a Reading wide church and that is seems time to find a new Sunday morning venue that is more central.

I have had my eye on the Vue cinema in the Oracle shopping complex and have had a tentative conversation with them. To be honest, there are some considerable hurdles stopping us meeting there, but it is worth pursuing.

Meanwhile, Keith Holland emailed me to say that some large units in Forbury Retail Park are vacant. Today I went down there to look and the location & the space seem fantastic. Great parking. Very central. And very public! I am guessing there would also be some considerable hurdles, namely 'change of use' and the rental value ... but I love Keith's vision.

Let's keep praying and dreaming for a new home for our Sunday gatherings. Meanwhile, I have asked Keith to find a contact number for those units!


irene m said...

Hi Sean ..its so great to read about all that is happening in Reading with you guys. It is a season of prayer and fasting here at Kerith and tonight at the prayer meeting Simon reminded us of when you guys all went to plant the church and how God has grown you as an encouragement to pray for our growth.
God bless you

Sean Green said...

thanks for the encouragement Irene - good to hear from you again!

Peter Harley said...

Hey Sean. I was just thinking about what you wrote about the Unit that Keith suggested. You may wanna Email Soul Survivour Watford, as they meet in a very similar setup. The use of the building is so flexible and it makes a great venue. do check it out online (there's a rough pic here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Watford-United-Kingdom/Soul-Survivor-Watford-Church/5951754291)
Catcha soon Bruv.