Tuesday, 20 January 2009

If we can?

I really enjoyed Sunday morning and evening. There is a real buzz around the church which is evident in the meetings, conversations, texts & emails!

Dwight L Moody once said "What a difference in men who go into battle intending to conquer if they can, and those who go into battle intending to conquer."

Reading needs us to have an 'intend to conquer' mentality. There might be uncertainty in the economy but let's not have 'if we can' thinking in RFC church life:

  • We intend to get better at telling our friends about Jesus.
  • We intend to change our Sunday venue to somewhere more central, visible and give us room to grow (On Sunday we had 216 people = 85% of our total chairs!).
  • We intend to make church life easy to connect into.
  • We intend to 'lighten up' and have fun!
This is not a time for "if we can".

And if you haven't a clue what I am going on about then listen to my message from Sunday.

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Jules Burt said...

Hey Sean. My brother is definitely buzzing! It's exciting to hear about what you're planning. Sounds brilliant! Hope you guys are well. Jules