Sunday, 18 January 2009

Axiom & Peasant Princess

I picked up Bill Hybels latest book 'Axiom - Powerful Leadership Proverbs' intending to read one axiom a day (there are 76). However, I devoured the entire book in less than two weeks. I had to stop myself reading on too far (I wanted to reflect on them) but found each axiom so compelling I wanted to read another. I like reading about leadership and I like Hybels style (his proven experience, candor and humour). Try to read it over 76 days ... if you can.

A friend gave me a DVD set he had downloaded for free from Mars Hill church entitled 'The Peasant Princess'. He suggested Liz & I could watch it together as a means to invest in our marriage. So far we have watched the first two sessions (of 10) and have really enjoyed the content and the ensuing discussions. I am not sure we want to tie everything down as tightly as Driscoll does but he sure is helpful and straightforward. If you are looking for fresh ideas for marriage investment, it is worth clicking through here

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beatthedrum said...

My wife and I originally went through the Peasent Princess stuff at the end of last year, just watching the sermons then chatting a little. We found them to be excellent.

We have decided not to do our current churches marriage refresher course with is based on the HTB marriage course in favour of re visiting the Peasent Princess stuff and working through the discussion / study notes that accompanied the series.

So far we have seen a VAST improvement in our marriage as we have implemented some of the practical and biblical ideas that Mark puts forward.

We dont agree with him on everything but we eat the fruit and spit out the pips!