Thursday, 4 December 2008

RUCU & Romans 8

Tonight I am speaking at Reading University Christian Union . They are working through Romans and I have been asked to do Rom 8:18-32. This term they have exploded with overseas students and so they are asking speakers to keep things simple and accessible - I love the heart behind the request.
I have broken the passage down to three areas:

Sin has ruined - the bible worldview is traced to Gen 1-3, the effects of which we live & experience daily.

Hope is secured - the bible worldview is that Jesus will come again and usher in an eternal age and His glory will be revealed in us. AND new pleasures in God will be discovered and enjoyed eternally.

Help has come - the bible worldview is that the Holy Spirit is a grace gift to us from God the Father. The one who Jesus said was ‘Just like me’ helps us live out our lives as Christians.

I have enjoyed the rigour of handling v28 but am won by Douglas Moo's overall postion :“The promise to us is that there is nothing in this world that is not intended by God to assist us on our earthly pilgrimage and to bring us safely and certainly to the glorious destination of that pilgrimage”.

I am planning for it to be a Jesus centred evening!


Richard Walker said...

Does this mean I can now borrow your BST on Romans?

dave bish said...

I wish I was going to be there.
Please try and record it! :)

Sean Green said...

Richard - feel free to borrow the BST but take Moo also ... Scott has Dr Llyod-Jones too.

Dave - not sure the RUCU guys are up to recording their speakers ... have arbofield posted your preach yet?

dave bish said...

That'd be a shame - cos it looks cool from what you've posted!

Mine is locked on the Arborfield mp3 recorder until Sunday... the tech-guy was away last sunday, so it should have been recorded but wont be uploaded til he takes the recorder home after the next meeting. Sorry...

Sean Green said...

OK, please keep me posted.

FYI I tried to call you last week to discuss v28 ( i was trapped in kwikfit for 4 hours with only a bible, which is good for meditation but I had loads of unanswered questions!). Your mobile number was invalid .. have you recently changed mobile?

dave bish said...

How'd it go?

dave bish said...

It's up. Acts 6 at Arborfield