Wednesday, 3 December 2008

My first BlackBerry

Today I joined the company of people who get email delivered straight to their mobile phone. The sense of connectedness I now feel is palpable.

The device in question is a BlackBerry Bold 9000, and it is pretty funky. I do need to figure out a bible application to load onto it but apart from that it seems to have all I need.

On the down side, I am told that most people become enslaved to checking email / SMS, but I am convinced that won't happen to me! Liz has wisely given me a weeks grace before we agree my 'blackberry boundaries'.

My next step is to post a blog from the device ... just because I can.


dave bish said...

So you're anti-facebook but you have a blackberry. Delightful contradiction.

Ben Davies onto my iPod, looking forward to listening.

Steviebwoy_Dub said...

A common name for the blackberry, is "crackberry" because it is reported to become very addictive.
Be careful not to develop the blackberry stoop, a condition brought on by people walking slowly down corridors stooping over the small screen just to realise that they don't have any new mail! :)