Friday, 12 December 2008

Church budget 2009

The church financial year runs from January to December so right now Karen & I are day tripping to 'Spread Sheet Land'.

I REALLY like being in 'Spread Sheet Land'. I like the challenge of understanding what has happened over the past financial year. I like tracking and trending and trying to figure out forward costs. I like bringing faith to actual figures on a spreadsheet.

And our church are incredible givers. Somehow, against the odds, we might break even this year (at least within 2%).Clearly our God is not in recession.

The fun, then, comes in what to believe God for next year whilst being wise in the current climate. Next year the lease on the church offices expires and we do need a Sunday venue closer to the town centre. We want to do even more ministry than we have this year. We want to handle our money with faith and generosity and wisdom. We want to show Reading how to thrive in recession, thus pointing them Jesus.

One of the things that boils down to is this - how much of an increase in giving are we believing God for next year. I love the way Kingdom life often runs counter intuitive.

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