Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lead elders & wives weekend

This weekend Liz and I are off to Milton Keynes to join other lead couples from newfrontiers churches in the UK.

We had always thought of this weekend as 'the last fuel station' before we headed off to Amsterdam in December. All that has now changed and we are going on a very different footing.

Part of the weekend will involve telling friends our story, which in turn will help me process how I feel about the past 9 months (the fullness of which will only come out over time). Right now we are both still very comfortable with our decision to stay in Reading.

Quite how we try to condense our news to 30 seconds whilst talking to people in coffee queues remains to be seen!

Back in Reading, Scott & Barbie have the weekend off and Sitho is preaching on 'living with change' ... one sermon I WILL be down loading next week!

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