Thursday, 13 November 2008

Keep the faith engines revving hard

One of the things I am becoming aware of is the challenge of keeping my faith engines revving hard.

We had planned to move our family to a new country, put our children in Dutch schools, and start a new church. We were planning on leaving our identity as a lead couple in a growing church. We were planning to leave the financial security of an established church. We were planning to leave the emotional support of established friendship networks.

All that forces you to pray hard and fuel your faith engines - ours were revving hard.

The challenge now comes to keep these engines revving as hard but in familiar surroundings. We need faith to stay and build. Faith is required to see RFC growing through 200 and meeting in a new Sunday venue.

Faith is required to see the church planted in Amsterdam and us not having regrets. Liz and I need to keep our faith engines revving hard.

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