Friday, 28 November 2008

Ben Davies @ RFC

In September 1992 I went to church at the Kerith Centre in Bracknell and walked into the life of Ben Davies. He was passionate for Jesus. His honesty was scary. And he immediately loved me.

There began our 16 year friendship.

I have travelled with him, was married by him, been rebuked by him (more times than I want to remember!). But most importantly, I have grown in my love for Jesus because of him.

I think everyone needs to spend some time with him. Ben is preaching with us this Sunday morning. And if you ask me nicely, you can come back to our house for lunch and meet him personally.


Gary And Kay said...

I would ask you nicely, except we are on student lunch this Sunday. Oh well, next time I guess. Gary

dave bish said...

We're lunching about half a mile from you, which will doubtless also be outstanding.