Thursday, 23 October 2008

A&E, the sop & grace

It has been a busy morning. Joshua’s ankle ballooned overnight after a crunching tackle at football yesterday. It got so painful we took him to A&E at 7:30 this morning.

Meanwhile, my bible in a year took me to John 13. Here Jesus showed the full extent of his love and foreshadowed the cross by washing the disciple’s feet. Immense.

Jesus then goes on to predict his betrayal by the one He gives the dipped bread to (the sop). Don Carson writes: “Judas received the sop but not the love. Instead of breaking him and urging him to contrition, it hardened his resolve.”

Life can be manic. A&E visits are unplanned and spin you into organised chaos. Our holiday will be interesting with hop-along boy (thankfully it’s only badly sprained). But over all this is the banner of Jesus’ love for us – by grace he has chosen us (v18), by grace we will keep feeding on him, and by his grace we are not doomed to destruction (Jn 17v12).

I like being a follower of Jesus.

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