Thursday, 2 October 2008

How am I?

Since returning from sabbatical numerous people have asked 'How yer doing Sean?'. Each time I have needed to pause and reflect. My normal pre-answer checklist (that plays into the answer of how I am) has grown considerably.
  • How are the children coping with the move to Amsterdam?
  • How are Liz and I coping with leaving Reading?
  • How is the church now we are back?
  • How is the church coping with the pace of change?
  • What are our trusted friends and family thinking about us going?
  • Am I leading all this well?
  • Where will we live, kids go to school, make ends meet, build a team?
  • Is there a God, is He in all this?
On some of these points I score high, others low. But, I have been able to honestly say "I'm good - on balance, we are fine". Primarily because Liz and I know God and our hearts are for following Him.

That said, I do wonder whether they only expected to hear an immediate 'fine' ... but I just don't work that way!

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