Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Delay, Wassenaar & 16 Nov

Delay: Liz & I recently met with our church planting coach Tony Thompson to talk through our plans and current status. To cut a long story short, Tony advised us to delay our move by 6 months in order to build a bigger planting team. At present the team is two families (Geurts' & Greens) and a single guy, so we need at least another 7 adults to get to Amsterdam by next summer.

Wassenaar: On Friday, our family is heading off to the Dutch North Sea resort of Wassenaar for a week. Whilst there we are meeting up with Gerke & Maxine Geurts and their children for some Netherlands Fun. We Greens will also be visiting a school in Amsterdam and spending time in the city. I am sure it won't rain much or be very windy ...

16 Nov: Amsterdam Day - UK. Part of the plan to build a team is to host a day both in the UK and Amsterdam for those interested in the church plant. If your are in the UK and are interested in joining the plant please come along on the 16th and let me know you are coming. A 'Dutch Lunch' is planned and involves 'bitterballen' en 'kroketten' and I will be outlining the vision for the church. A similar day is planned to be held in Amsterdam in March 09 - details to follow in the next month.

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