Thursday, 9 October 2008

A 'chance' encounter

Yesterday a young Turkish woman came to the church offices responding to a poster we have on our front window (about the Christian crisis pregnancy centre across the road). I emerged at the door, on the phone, mind engaged with the caller. Not a good start.

She asked about help with her pregnancy, specifically how to end it. She was very clear on that. She thought we provided abortions, she had mis-understood the poster. I didn't know what to say or do. We walked across the road but the crisis pregnancy centre was closed - short staffed I guess.

This dear women was looking for some tablets to end the pregnancy (the baby is under 12 weeks old) . I didn't plead with her not to. I didn't prayer with her. Her mind was made up and I was too polite & aware of her anguish to suggest otherwise. She asked me where to get an abortion. I said nothing, and she walked away.


Sin is messy. Anxious mums must be loved. The unborn protected. And I need to be changed by this 'chance' encounter.

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Karen said...

Sean, I've always been very stirred by the abortion rates in this country and particularly as a mother who only planned three of her four children I could cry for those babies out there denied the right to be born. But even as a Christian I struggle to reconcile a woman being forced to give birth as a result of being raped. Being careless is one thing, but that's the issue I can not seem to find God's teaching. Perhaps you could shed light?