Monday, 8 September 2008

Trent Vineyard

Yesterday we visited Trent Vineyard in Nottingham, and it happened to be their 12th birthday and the first meeting in their new building extension.

The building is fantastic. It's a warehouse that has been converted and extended, the aesthetics' and art pieces were beautiful. The worship time was of a different style and the welcome & info presentation was relaxed and very informal.

The message by John Wright was a short refection on the past 12 years and then he introduced 5 people who had joined Vineyard recently. Their stories were very moving and illustrated his points succintly.

And then came the brilliance of the meeting. At the end, words of knowledge were given and people were invited to respond. Liz said the maturity and care of ministry team was excellent.

I would have wanted more songs about Jesus, contributions during worship and a 'proper' expository preach by John. But I am not leading that work and God was there, is there and will be contine to be at work there, regardless of my views!

It was an inspiring morning because God is also with us at RFC and will be with us in Amsterdam. And He is able.

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