Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sabbatical Reflection #1

This is the first of my reflections, grouped around my personal life:

Fatherhood - I have realised that when my children ask me for something, in my mind I often start with a 'no' and then figure out if a 'yes' makes better sense. A small detail, but when under pressure / grumpy I find I don't progress past my starting point. I need turn that around, in my mind to start with a 'yes' to their request and then figure out if a 'no' makes better sense.

Intensity - I am an intense & intentional person, which I like, and I don't do 'laid back' about much. The problem is that my intensity has seeped into too many areas of life and that is exhausting & can make me way too serious at times! I need to channel my intensity into certain activities and then chill out about everything else.

Well done - I can focus too much on my failures & sinfulness and miss what God's grace has done in my life. Independent of my perceived achievements, I need to enjoy the 'well done' of God.

Fruitfulness - I need to dare to believe I have been fruitful, that I have stewarded my talents, time and treasures well. I have been fruitful for Him because He has been at work in me - and I need to celebrate that.


Alli I said...

Too right! Hiya Sean, This is Alli Inwards. I read your blog having followed a link from Simon's blog. Trust me - you & Liz have both made impact and borne fruit for God and I'm sure you'll continue to do just that. Gotta say, the phrase that just came to mind (courtesy of Philip Yancey): 'There's nothing you can do to make God love you more and there's nothing you can do to make God love you less' - Take care Sean & pls give my love to Liz.

Sean Green said...

thank you so much Ali - good to hear from you guys again! And yes I will pass on your love to Liz

natanddan1 said...

Hi Sean

I think most of us would agree that we all have a tendency to focus on our failures and sinfulness. I am guilty of this, it's only when i take a moment to reflect that i remember just what God has done in my life and that God does not see any aspects of our lives as a failure! Its amazing to just look back and see what opportunities God has given us. Its only by the grace of God that we are given the opportunity to achieve things in life.

Phil J

PS. Great Blog