Thursday, 4 September 2008

My 'dash' #2

Sean Green, 20 August 1967 - ?

I've been thinking more about my 'dash'. I find it intriguing to see my life represented by such a small mark. Its not that I mind my life being represented by a dash, I just don't want it characterised by a small mark.

As a christian I've always wanted to be like a BIG DOG i.e. I would not be easily shaken off when I have my teeth into something for Jesus. I want to have a big dog's prescience, ferocity and 'bite' that advances the kingdom of God.

And I want to love and know and obey my masters voice. I want the 'dash' between my birth and death to be characterised by a man who knew and loved and obeyed the great friend of sinners ... and who also look as good as this as Alsatian!

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