Monday, 15 September 2008

Just like us ... but Dutch

On Saturday Liz & I flew to the Netherlands to meet with people from the newfrontiers churches there. Everyone seemed very normal and wonderfully Dutch.

They were friendly, loved Jesus and sang the same songs (but in Dutch ... mainly). They laughed at jokes, drank coffee and food seemed to be at the centre of most meetings. They had an offering at their celebration meeting (I felt very at home!). No-one wore clogs or a 'bonnet' or carried armfuls of tulips.

Liz and I were warmly received, honoured and made to feel very welcome. No-one said we were mad planting into their capital city - and once we are there I am sure many will join us. Above all, we both felt we would easily love these people and their nation.

We return next month with our children for a week of house & school hunting and having more Dutch fun. Meanwhile it's back to life at the RFC church office.

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