Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Rubbish - but not a crisis.

Today our house buyer pulled out. Apparently, whilst trying to exchange contracts on their own house, the offer was dropped by £30k. They have subsequently withdrawn their offer on ours.


This morning I arrived at the following verses in my bible in a year:

Hebrews 1:2 In these last days God has spoken to us by His Son, whom he appointed heir of all things and through whom he made the universe. The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being sustaining all things by his powerful word.

Isaiah 32:17 The fruit of righteousness will be peace, the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.

Psalm 105 Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he had done.

God is able to order my daily bible reading to help me through unwanted news. God is good & able & in control and therefore we are not in a crisis ... (although it still feels rubbish!)

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