Thursday, 28 August 2008

Under offer

Yesterday we accepted an offer on our house, paving the way to sell it in the Autumn .

Today has been one of mixed emotions. To get an offer agreed, so relatively quickly given the current housing market, is a real answer to prayer - you might say a 'great confirmation of our calling'.

And yet it has exposed a side of my British mindset that is un-nerved. We British aspire to own bricks & mortal ... British bricks and mortar. To leave my home country with no 'roots' feels very unsettling. To jump out of the UK housing market, given we expect to return at some point, also feels unsettling.

And yet we both sense this is the right move. To rent for a year in Amsterdam, then consider buying, is our plan. I suspect I have far more security in being a home owner than I ever realised. I praise God He is using all this to ensure I am building on the rock and not the sands of UK bricks & mortar

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