Wednesday, 27 August 2008

'Pain au chocolat' & other stuff

To say it is has been eventful few weeks is an understament:

Newday was fabulous on so many levels: being with RFC people, the food, the weather and seeing Joshua doing his first drop-in on the 1/4 pipe at the skate park. But it was fabulous mainly because God was there. Being with 1000's of His people, worshipping Jesus and seeing evidence of His work was inspiring.

Our two week family holiday in France was a great follow on activity. We came 4th in a Family Olympics Competition (narrowly missing a trophy) but almost last in a fishing competition in a lake (we only caught 6, the winners 116!). We discovered beautiful sandy beaches, enjoyed french wine & cheese, cycled, swam in lakes, and walked in forests. The 'sea & surf' was cold but refreshing and the french roads a pleasure to drive on.

And all through these three weeks we rejected 3 offers on our house, met prospective Amsterdam team members and heard from those who now don't want to go come with us. We also filmed a short video invite for the Amsterdam day and worked on getting the website done.

Not all classic holiday activities but kingdom life is very joined up! I will try to post a few holiday photos ...

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