Sunday, 31 August 2008

A dress rehearsal

Our family gathered this morning for worship in our home. Zoe gave a warm welcome to us and we then all wrote down on a big piece of paper some of the cool things we have done over the summer. This became the fuel for our worship as we made up new verses to fit their favourite songs!

Liz gave each of us verse to read which declared God's heart for the nations. It was good to hear the kids reading out these great truths. Then came the revealing part - we each had to write our prayers for Amsterdam on post-its and stick it on a map of the Netherlands.

The phrase 'a family together on mission' was played out in our kitchen. Liz and I decided to stay at home this Sunday morning and have a dress rehearsal of the first few months in Amsterdam. We want our kids to be confident to welcome strangers into our family worship times, so we are practising it now.

It did feel strange meeting like this given RFC were gathering just a few miles away ... but Jesus said 'go to the nations' and go our family will.

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