Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Two book reviews

I occasionally like to read business management books to glean fresh insights for church leadership:

Good to great - why some companies make the leap ... and other don't. Jim Collins spent 5 years researching the question 'Can a good company became a great company and if so how?' His insights are very illuminating if not both surprising and encouraging.

I read the book asking the question 'Can RFC (a good church) become a great church and if so how?'. We seem to have many of the elements already in place but would need to make some adjustments in others areas. I will encourage the eldership team to read it but give it a read and let me know what you think!

The Starfish and the Spider - the unstoppable power of leaderless organisations. Apart from the title tag line (that made me want to burn the book) it is a very provocative and easy read. In essence it look at the power of decentralisation in the right environments. Cut off a spiders head and it dies, cut off a starfish leg and it grows into another starfish.

I read the book asking the question 'What areas of church life should be held in a open hand (that members can shape & innovate & pioneer) and what should be in a closed hand (where elders define & govern & lead)'
. It gave me a whole new framework for discussion and reflection on these issues as RFC enters a new season.

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Marcus said...


thanks for the comments over at Bish's blog. can you pass best wishes to Scott at RFC from me. I did several year openers for Reading CU over the last few years and he was always a terrific encourager both to the students and to me.