Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Six held over honeymoon killing

Six people are being questioned by police over the murder of a British doctor shot dead on the last day of her honeymoon in Antigua. Her husband Benjamin, also 31, is in a critical condition in hospital after he was also shot. (see article here)

My readings this morning took me to Job 24: "Why does the Almighty not set times for judgement? Why must those who know him look in vain for such days?"

Job voices one of the great questions in life. How does a loving, righteous, all powerful God, tolerate injustice and sin?

The answer must lie in the wisdom of the cross. The glory of God and the wonder of the age that is to come, must somehow eclipse the horrors of mankind's depravity in this age. Only God's big story can offer a path of real hope when a woman is murdered on her honeymoon.

But this , I agree, is of small comfort to those who don't yet know Christ.

So we have some work to do. We must prayer for Benjamin's recovery and for their family and friends as they take stock & grieve. I think we should pray for justice to be served. And we must continue to call upon our God to change the hearts of men & women across the nations, that they turn 'to Him who will one day judge them'.


lkwestfall said...

Since you seem to be writing this artical as a christian, may I ad that the bible tells you that God made people to be able to make choices. Unfortuniatly in this case and thousands of others, a person made the wrong desision and will be charged and punished by mans laws.

Since this person did such a tremendiously wrong desision, after being charged by man, when he passes on, he will then be really punished and judged, by God.

It will be God's decision on where he will spend eternity!!!

Sean Green said...

I certianly do hopet justice will be served - that the right people are punished in a appropiate why that fits this terrible crime.

As a Christian I also believe we will all be judged by God when we die (christian or otherwise). You are right that is God's decision but the bible makes it clear where man eternal future will if they don't accept Jesus.

FYI in the news today they are reporting the husband is brain dead.