Monday, 7 July 2008

A Paradox to stamp out

Paradox: a statement that seems absurd but in reality expresses a truth.

Asaph, when reflecting on Israel's history of rebellion wrote "in spite of God's wonders, they did not believe" and then he adds "Whenever God slew them they would seek him; they eagerly turned to him again." (Psalm 78v32 & 34). This is still true today.

It is a paradox of human nature. God's love and mighty deeds should capture our attention and affections. However, it is more often God's judgement that arrests our attention and then we eagerly turn back to Him. I can see this paradox at work in my life - judgement being a greater agent for change than God's wonders.

Once again the remedy is to fix our eyes on Jesus, the authour and perfecter of our faith. God's grace, personified in Jesus, should be winning the day in our lives. 19 years in and it is the wonder of Jesus that compels me to eagerly turn to the Father again and again and again.

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