Monday, 14 July 2008

Koffie or PG-tips?

Last week Guerke & Maxine gave us a 'Dutch starter kit' containing all manner of typical food stuff enjoyed by our European friends.

The 'honingstroopwafels met roomboterstroop' were great - a waffle biscuit that had to be warmed over a cup of tea or coffee.

The sweets 'Oldtimers - De Echte mildzoute Hinelooper Ruitjesdrop' remains unopened as does the 'melk Hagel slag' (which seems to be chocolate hundred and thousands but as a sandwich filling).

But the real dilemma came with the 'Perla koffie aroma snelfiltermaling'. I had 1/2 a cup of it this morning and my head is still buzzing from the caffeine rush. But here is the bigger question: in order to embrace my new life style should I start drinking koffie, strong Dutch koffie?

As an Englishman with a teapot for one, clearly the answer is 'No'. After all everything should stop for a cup of PG-tips tea at 10:30am and 2:30pm. But as a Christian who is an Englishmen ... I am just not so sure!

The cost of cross cultural church planting is just starting to bite!


Scott said...

I can't imagine you turning to 'koffie' of any description, but then I guess I couldn't imagine you going to Amsterdam a year ago!!! The things we consider doing for the gospel eh!!!

Sean Green said...

it was a weird experience to be sure, at present I am sticking to pg-tips and wearing shorts for the reminder of the summer!

pete horne said...

Just don't put milk in your coffee, however you're spelling it - that's a pagan practice forbidden by the apostles in Acts. ;-)

Sean Green said...

Wow - I hae so much to learn. I will need put the kettle on for a nice cup of 'rosy lee'!

FloydTheBarber said...

Just avoid anything called sweet tea!

jesse said...

ahh, more people who don't drink 'een bakje koffie' in Holland! You'll be like me :)

If you drink tea in Holland, dont put milk in! We dont drink it that way, but other than that tea is quite widely accepted as an alternative to coffee... have a go at dutch hot chocolate, its pretty good! Good luck with all the adjustments!

Sean Green said...

I thought all I had to do was avoid coffee shops ... now it is mily in tea as well! There is no way i can not have milk in PGtips. That is simply wrong.