Friday, 25 July 2008

Kerith Community Church

This morning I travelled to Bracknell to spend time with Simon Benham and some of his team. Although the church has a new name (formerly Bracknell Family Church) and a new senior pastor, it stills beats for mission.

Simon has been leading now for about a year and is building them to be a church of 2000 (they currently gather around 650 over a Sunday). It was good to hear of their new initiatives and ministries and to see where they are investing their time and energies.

Growing a church to 2000 brings unique challenges: growing a staff team to around 100, multiple services, back-office infrastructure, car parking and meeting rooms to name but a few. We also chatted around their 5 year planned partnership with Tearfund to help combat the effect of HIV AIDS in Zambia.

Simon thinks out of the box and swims in a wide pool - what I mean to say is he going to put all his efforts into what God has called him to. And I for one will keep cheering him on and reading his blog.

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