Sunday, 13 July 2008

Jubilee Church, Enfield

This morning we went to church in London, enjoying an empty A406 north circular to get to Jubilee Church which is led by Tope Koleso (he preached at RFC last year). The church is wonderfully multicultural (one of the reasons for going). Tope is Nigerian and the other two elders are English. The congregation seems equally split between black and white although the very smiley welcome team were all black!

They meet in a cinema complex and have all the benefits and challenges of that: a visible & neutral venue, fabulous parking and all the chairs are already set out! Their challenges centre around the additional lighting, kids work in a cinema screen and the meeting finishing 15minutes before the first film of the day!

Mark Driscoll was the speaker and the church rose to the challenge of accommodating all the day trippers like us. All in all well worth the 115 mile round trip to go to church.

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