Thursday, 31 July 2008

It's all about Jesus

This week I have been working through the Vineyard manual on 'Coaching Church Planters'. It is hugely helpful and practical and obviously the source of much I have been taught about church planting. I found my excitement rising as I considered again planting into Amsterdam!

However, it wasn't until I got half way through the manual that I realised that Jesus hadn't been mentioned at all. At first I thought it was a stylistic thing but even in the second half of the manual there is only scant reference to God or the Lord.

This in no way reflects my respect and gratitude to the authors but it does highlight an issue.
Church planting must first & foremost be Christ focused. Vineyard clearly understand this but somehow it hasn't translated into this enormously helpful 'how to' manual.

The lesson for us? You can't talk about Jesus enough. A timely reminder for all of us, no matter what you are doing today.

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