Thursday, 24 July 2008

Fishing, Fossils & Footpaths

A big part of our sabbatical is the re-charging of our emotional batteries and for me that is being in favourite places with favourite people. I have just spent two nights camping on the Dorset coast with Joshua. We camped near Swanage which is the start of the Jurassic coastline and it didn't rain at all ... unheard of for the Groovy Greens!

We hunted for Fossils at Kimmeridge Bay (and found some corkers), fished at Dancing Ledge (and caught nothing) and marvelled at the chalk cliffs at Old Harry Rocks (and pretended not not be scared). I am not sure who was more exhausted when we returned today, but I suspect it was me.

I could almost hear the 'dripping' as my emotional tanks slowly recharge. It was so good to be in God's creation, to be able to share it with my son and talk about how great God is. We are deeply grateful to all at RFC allowing us this sabbatical period.


Matthew Hosier said...

You were in my manor and didn't drop by - for shame!

Sean Green said...

what a lovely part of the world - an amazing back drop for ministry - you are a lucky guy!

Matthew Hosier said...

'tis all grace!