Friday, 18 July 2008

European Church Planting Network - Day 3

Today was the final day and each church/stream fed back on their action plan to accelerate church planting. Each invited comment on their plan (in areas where they felt they most needed fresh ideas) and the resulting feedback was very interesting.

On reflection, it has been a stimulating few days. I now realise that my church planting experience is stale and good practice has moved on. Forming 'missional focused mid sized groups' within the plant seems to be gaining fresh interest. Coaching by primarily asking questions rather than 'telling them how' also seem to be the new way forward.

But probably the biggest take away for me was the width of activity represented in the room. It was very heartening to see so much intentional activity to plant churches that are already pregnant to plant again.

Food for thought for me wrt Amsterdam and the team here in Reading. I do feel called to lead a big church (whatever big means it is certainly more than 200!) but holding on to people in order to do that isn't the way - we reap what we sow ( ... remind me I wrote this when a key leader in Amsterdam wants to go plant!).

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