Wednesday, 16 July 2008

European Church Planting Network - day 1

Today I joined Dave Stroud, Pete Cornford & Tope Koleso and 30 others attending the ECPN conference at HTB in London. Representatives from various church planting networks were there, most notably Vineyard and the Anglican London initiatives.

Nicky Gumbel gave a stirring overview of their vision for church planting and their church planting models - as did the other streams represented. In the afternoon we looked at various church planting models employed across Europe. We also joined discussion groups reviewing books which were core reading for the conference (mine was 'The Starfish and the Spider - the unstoppable power of leaderless organisations' - an intriguing read!).

The day ended with a meal at Nicky's house, the vicarage at HTB. The figurehead of Alpha worldwide opened up his home to strangers because of his passion for church planting.

It is very helpful to get outside of Newfrontiers and hear how seriously others are taking church planting. The delegates are a diverse bunch but we all love Jesus and are passionate about planting churches for His glory.

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Scott said...

So that's where you were buddy, forgot that that was this week. Just saw the bike outside and thought you had gone to the library!!! It sounds like it was an interesting day.