Sunday, 20 July 2008

Eton Olympic Distance Triathlon - Race Report

As Craig, Kirk and I arrived at Dorney lake yesterday, the most striking feature of the venue was the strong gusting wind. The gazebos of the various exhibitors were being held down by all manner of additional means!

The 1500m swim was interesting. The two 750m laps of the lake were linked by an 'exit - 100m sprint - re-entry' between them. It was really choppy but much easier than trying to navigating in the river Thames. The 41km bike was 8 laps and pan flat, it should have been really fast but the wind sucked all the life out of your legs! The 10km run was over 4 laps and Joshua ran alongside me for the final kilometer!

I was hoping for a faster time than at Windsor (which I did) but only managed 2:38:29 - I was shooting for sub 2:35. Craig and Kirk also suffered in the wind (it was the talk of all the competitors) and we were all relieved to finish.

I don't have anymore races booked - I want a summer with no pressure to train! And yes it really did hurt!

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Matthew Hosier said...

Well done Sean! Wear orange and you'll go quicker next time! It is almost enough to get me thinking about racing again...