Monday, 21 July 2008

Christchurch, London

Yesterday we travelled into London to visit Christchurch which Dave Stroud has planted. They met in a theatre just by the Embankment tube station, a short walk from Covent Garden and the Houses of Parliament.

It started at 4pm and, given the complexity of their set-up, that must have followed a huge amount of hard work! The band was very competent and our children really liked the smoke machine throughout the sung worship! A couple did a teaching slot on lifestyle evangelism and how that can fit into a busy London schedule.

There are many many things they did well: They seem very intentional on creating opportunities to meet people; The kids work was small but effective - Lucy remembered her memory verse this morning; They also clearly had a passion for the people of London and effecting change in their city.

But the biggest thing for me was the evidence of an underlying strategy that was shaping all that they were doing, for the glory of God. They have a team who have 'set there faces' to work this out and by God's grace they are going to do it.

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