Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Being a better dad

Last night I picked up again 'the Sixty Minute Father' by Rob Parsons. The book aims to be read in approx an hour and get you back on track trying to be the best dad you can.

Life is not like the Simpsons - Homer has some real lows as a dad which are funny because it is not real and Bart, Lisa & Maggie don't ever age. You sense Homer always has another tomorrow or another episode to finally make amends and become a better dad.

But that is not real life. My kids are growing up FAST. In the book, Rob Parsons counts the days down until children get to 18 and leave home. For Joshua that's only 2920 days, Lucy 3650 and Zoe 5110 days in which I can daily influence them for good.

C.J. Mahaney recently did a series on leadership and family holidays - it is a must read for all men in our church. He says "The difference between forgettable and unforgettable vacations is not location or attractions but the fathers attitude and leadership. That's whats makes the difference" - read more here.


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Hi John - where can I get access to yoru resources?

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