Monday, 16 June 2008

Royal Windsor Triathlon - race report

It was a perfect day for racing: sunny, light winds and warm. On the Saturday approx 1800 people had racked their 'rocket bikes' ... it sure had a more serious feel compared to the other races I've done this year!!!

Sadly I found the swim worse than I expected - as was the current in the Thames. I had a horrible swim, resulting in a horrible 'swim time' and cramp in both my calf muscles. On exiting the river I had to hobble the 200m to transition where someone thankfully stretched out my legs enabling me to continue.

From there it all started to improve. The bike leg went well, as did the run but I was unable to push too hard for fear of another cramp attack (excuses, excuses). All done in 2:40:30, 636 out of 1624 finishers.

That said, Craig beat me by 18 seconds and had Richard not stopped to pump someones tire up, I am sure he would have beaten us both (Morally he already has!). Kirk had a flawless race getting just under 2:35 ... the boy did good.

We all really enjoyed watching the elite men and women race - it certainly tempers post race banter when you see how fast they are! No more races planned this season ... yet.

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