Tuesday, 24 June 2008

News from Sibs in Harare

Sibs sent an email this morning. RFC supports Farayi & Cora by wiring out money each month which must be then converted to Zim dollars:

"I have just been informed that the gentleman who was sorting Farayi out with Zim Dollars is no longer able to continue due to cash flow issues arising from the exchange rate. One US Dollar is now worth in the region of 20 billion Zim dollars - so you can imagine the cash shortages and general mayhem.

Just so you know, the phone cables at home and at the office have been stolen so I have no ready access to email at the moment. This means that it will take time for me to correspond with you on this matter. I am reading through a biography of Hudson Taylor - it has helped me greatly to come to terms with the increasingly frustrating conditions under which we are trying to work..."

Lets keep them all in our prayers.

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