Monday, 23 June 2008

Lunch with a Dutch man

Yesterday I had lunch with a Dutch man and his family (Gerke & Maxine and their 4 kids). It all felt Dutch-tastic although I didn't quite get round to practising my new found Dutch vocab. However, I did feel duty bound to pry into Gerke's mind (pronounced herrrkkerr) in preparation for our Dutch adventure.

Apparently Dutch people like order and punctuality. They like canals to be straight, they like to speak straight and always like to get straight to the point with little fuss.

Apparently when visiting people it is rude to help yourself when the tea & biscuits are set before you on the table - you have to be offered them!??

Best of all if you get two Dutch men together you can start a church, get three together and it will split ...

I have therefore resolved to do a little more cultural study.

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