Tuesday, 3 June 2008

In Whitley roundup

IN:Whitley is all done and now comes the hard work of the follow up of the contacts. Sadly, no-one turned up for the 'Just Looking' course last night, which was a disappointment. That said, overall it was fruitful time:
  • We served in the heart of a community and the footpath we built will be there for a few years to come.
  • The conversations with people on the doors are like the seed sown by a man "night and day whether he slept or got up, God made the seed grow".
  • 15 young people asked for more info on our youth activities and Sunday saw 5 responses to the gospel and many healings.
It's good to be in God's Kingdom.


dave bish said...

Good news.
May have been a quiet start to the year but sounds like things are kicking off. Praise God.

Sean Green said...

Yes - finally we are seeing people saved ... 7 so far this year - praise God for his grace.