Thursday, 19 June 2008

For sale

On Monday a 'For Sale' sign was put up on our front lawn by our estate agent. Liz are I were not expecting it that day so it was a bit of a surprise!

Having a 'For Sale' sign makes our planned move even more public and reminds us again as to what we are about as a family.

As a family we love our house - we love the green outside where Joshua, Lucy & Zoe learnt to ride their bikes - we love our neighbours (who are great people) and the kids who play with ours - we love the local schools and being able to walk to them - we really love the suburban life we have here.

It's just we love Jesus more and He has asked us to move to another country to make another house our home ... so our house in leafy Earley is up for sale.

As a family, this 'For Sale' sign means so much more.

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